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Top 10 tips from profitable startups

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Top tips from successful startups

1) Better done than flawless

Our landing pages are not artistic works of art
We may conduct interviews and modify copies for months.
But why delay the revenue?
Ship early. Get feedback. Iterate.

2) Delivery > Content

Our blog posts are alright. Even some of them are decent.
But it isn’t that important.
How many people actually read them is what matters.
We spend more time distributing content than producing it, which explains why.

3) Trends come and go

We didn’t tweet about Twitter Free University.
We didn’t start a for-profit Slack group
To make profile photographs, we didn’t develop an AI tool.
We adhere to the strategy. Even if it isn’t now a big deal
I apologize, shining syndrome object.

4) Start with the funnel’s base.

Getting tons of users is dumb if you can’t convert them to customers.
Visitors to websites don’t foot the fee.
We concentrate on the marketing funnel’s Activation and Revenue phases.
Our goal is to convert people.

5) Allow individuals to form their own opinions

We don’t refer to ourselves as the “best” or “most favored.”
It’s corny and pointless.
Instead, we highlight social proof from our consumers and display a portion of the product for free.
Selling transparency.

6) Knowledgeable customers make greater purchases

It’s cool to receive 1000 likes on listicles with free startup tools
Do you know what’s cooler, though?
generating free content that increases your authority and educates users.
Newsletters, blog posts, and forums. Remember to include a CTA button.

7) There is more to life than online training.

I’m sorry, but watching your head for ten hours is not the most entertaining thing someone can do.
There are databases, challenges, productized services, cheat sheets, templates, SOPs, and frameworks.
Before creating another video course, give them a try.

8) Acknowledge failure

Founders have a never-stop attitude.
Each product will receive more money than the one before it.
We’ll increase the number of followers we have each week.
the reality is as follows.
You won’t succeed.
Moreover, not all failures present a teaching opportunity. You can simply fail.

9) Begin by tackling a problem

To get directly to work on new concepts is so charming.
… and mishandle them in order to fail them.
We spend an hour coming up with solutions to fresh ideas because of this.
Asking challenging questions reduces the likelihood of making stupid errors.

10) Have patience Audience development requires time.

SEO requires time.
Word of the mouth develops slowly.
which is good? Being consistent is beneficial.

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